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We will be happy to help you plan beverages for your event. 19 Wine & Spirits will find the perfect mix of Wine and Liquor to match your tastes and budget.  We will assemble a package especially for you and your event.  
On a  budgetSelect an event venue  that allows you to provide the alcohol. Be sure to ask what the corking fees  are. Once you have your venue choose a caterer that will order and pick up your beverages from 19 Wine & Spirits. We make it easy and simple for your special event. 



How much should I buy?

Conversion Chart 
1 Liter = 33.814 US Fluid Ounces 
 Bottle Size     Ounces 
 750 ml                       25.8 
 1.0 liter                    33.8 
 1.5 liter                    50.8 

Let us help you choose the right beverages for your special event.


An average size glass of wine contains 5 US Fluid Ounces 
One case of wine will provide about 60 glasses

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